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I'm taking a hiatus

2017-08-27 16:56:21 by Enigmaproductions

So to the small fan base I have I'm taking a long hiatus/semi-retiremment from animating. The last short I animated was the Charlie short. I need to focus on my health and well-being. I'm in the processing of losing 50-60lbs. I'll be gone for 6 months to a year. That means the 3rd episode of "Spirit Fist!" won't come out till next fall. I'll probably get back into animating once I'm healthy and much thinner.

Just another update

2017-08-02 22:28:09 by Enigmaproductions

This is just a quick update. So I just uploaded a short video yesterday. I needed a little break from "Spirit Fist!" I'm still working on the last episode it's coming along pretty well and I'd say it's about 75% complete. But I like to take breaks and work on these shorter animations which take less time to animate. The good news is I've got 2 other shows besides "Spirit Fist!" in the pipeline. They're both in development right now and I hope to release trailers for them soon. 

As for the new episode of "Spirit Fist!" I'm looking toward a September release date. I don't know exactly when. Maybe Sept. 23rd or 24th. I wanted to release the episode sooner but I was going through some personal bs. Including having a falling out with the guy who voices the main character. Then pitching my show to a studio and having it rejected. But I'm in a better place now and I'm still gonna keep doing what I love. : )

I posted an update video on my YouTube channel

After the third episode I'm taking a hiatus. I'm going to be taking a 6 month to a year break because of life. 

This is just an update. I'm still workin' on the 3rd episode. My goal is to release by the end of March. But if not then it'll most likely be released in April. 

Hey guys I'm taking a little break from Spirit Fist! In the meantime I'm gonna release a short parody video I've been working on. It's a DragonBall Super starring Vegeta. I think ya gonna like it. Stay tuned!