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Spirit Fist Episode 3 Update

2017-02-03 14:22:54 by Enigmaproductions

This is just an update. I'm still workin' on the 3rd episode. My goal is to release by the end of March. But if not then it'll most likely be released in April. 


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2017-03-14 00:46:42

What backgrounds are you after if i find time I'll see what i can do just note I'm currently working on my own series The Wish. My time maybe devided if that can work for you just leave me some details.

Kind regards,


Enigmaproductions responds:

Yeah I understand the backgrounds I use are super simple their mostly solid shapes/colors. But tell me about The WIsh.


2017-03-14 08:44:38

You can catch-up on it on my page