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Entry #5

Just another update

2017-08-02 22:28:09 by Enigmaproductions

This is just a quick update. So I just uploaded a short video yesterday. I needed a little break from "Spirit Fist!" I'm still working on the last episode it's coming along pretty well and I'd say it's about 75% complete. But I like to take breaks and work on these shorter animations which take less time to animate. The good news is I've got 2 other shows besides "Spirit Fist!" in the pipeline. They're both in development right now and I hope to release trailers for them soon. 

As for the new episode of "Spirit Fist!" I'm looking toward a September release date. I don't know exactly when. Maybe Sept. 23rd or 24th. I wanted to release the episode sooner but I was going through some personal bs. Including having a falling out with the guy who voices the main character. Then pitching my show to a studio and having it rejected. But I'm in a better place now and I'm still gonna keep doing what I love. : )


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2017-08-03 22:06:12

Keep it up, sorry to hear about the VA.

Enigmaproductions responds:

I didn't know you were on NG? How'd you find me?


2017-08-09 04:14:27

Good to know. I was curious about its status and am glad to see it's still on its way to being released.


2017-10-07 09:36:18

Just read this update! super excited about Spirit Fist this month!